Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Greece

Published: 29th March 2012
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Olive oil is tasty and cheaper, leading to modification Industry Agriculture and dioxins. The cells of my body the best Mother Nature because we want to prosper, so I decided to virgin olive oil and less costly to ignore.
The second criterion as our palate. This advice is forgotten the old pot and a piece of apple green flavors, fragrances and clean the mouth with the taste of olive oil is referenced. Forget oil, colorless and tasteless. More intense message that you send your palate, and the more the better! Went to the valuable components means that the supply of olive fruit, not to destroy men in the juice, Extra virgin olive oil, and now singing to your taste.
Standard is the third most important. And industrial products such as cars, and can be produced in factories around the world. But a special place for agricultural products, its people, which are linked to a history. This particular relationship, status or protected geographical indication of origin of agricultural products to identify and maintain.
The first impression of the island's visitors and section describes the poet writes with olive groves and the sea expanded with the slopes and hills.
Island and its capital, Mytilene small dot on the map is not clear. That limit is different, but the door the two countries, two cultures, between two continents, linking. Olive oil, which is difficult to say which other slaves long relationship between a man has been forged in hard times. Or rich olive with sweat man with the gift?
Gardens, and a very large and rich, we find many other places.
In 1850, when the vast Kamada (frost) each olive grove on the island destroyed, the population is on the tree.

Created a new and even better than ten times. After they have built new factories with expensive equipment from England. Produced a wealth of money, granted, and that allowed them to survive the fate of the island while it was under the Ottoman Empire - this oil.

The evolution takes longer fast. The islanders, Aeolians had migrated from central Greece and had agriculture as their main occupation. The 11th BC century founded the capital Mytilene. Especially after the 8th BC century progress and trade. The opening to the outside world brings wealth, new ideas; democracy replaces the aristocracy of landowners.
The island prospered and the arts, letters. Through the project known as the tenth Muse, Sappho (6th century BC), we recognize the ideas of female emancipation and listen idyllic pastoral atmosphere of the landscape.
Of course, the olive is propagated in Greece, which is worshiped, crowns the winners of the Olympic Games. Jars with olive oil are the prize of the Panathenaic games. At that ancient time the wine is the most famous product of Lesvos, but steadily growing olives.Olive leaves imprinted on the coins of Mytilene and the later reign of Emperor Diocletian (3rd century BC) the land registers, engraved on stone, state property in terraced olive groves (terraces, Seti), just like today! In the 3rd century AD the groves of the island is estimated at 45 000 hectares. Along with the cultivation and progress of the olive extraction techniques. Numerous are the discoveries of oil mill ruins. But what is the secret roads that connect these ancient oil mill to places of worship for future generations? Because we usually find the hewn stones of a ruined ancient oil mill precincts churches? No one can answer with certainty. Perhaps the symbolic charge of olive reaches its identification with the divine in a timeless, maintained regardless of the prevailing religion (ancient paganism or Christian orthodoxy).
But what we know is that the technical and media milling of olive remained essentially unchanged over the centuries. Two stages of processing. The first is the grinding of olives with mobile stones (millstones) which turned on a stable basis. Millstones, the early years were shaped lens with curved lateral and mid level, rotated in the circumferential groove of the basin, a wooden shaft with the power of humans or animals. Later the millstones changed shape to a truncated cone and the 19th century were cylindrical.

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